To create real change in our lives it often involves some sort of catalyst. An idea, a conversation, an event. Something powerful happens that opens the door and allows genuine change to seep into our life. For many people, myself included, that initial spark is none other than Death him self.

And really, you couldn’t ask for a better stimulus. While, yes, death can mean a literal death, it has many meanings. Death is the moment of letting go, a transferring of energy. An evolution. To die is to let things fall apart and when the omen of death presents itself, that is exactly what needs to happen.

Not only can we use the knowledge of our eventual demise as fuel to feed our creative desires, we can take and channel this transformative energy to end whatever unhealthy patterns needs ending. Take a look into your own life, what needs to die in order for you to evolve? What are you keeping on life support? A bad habit? A rotten relationship? There is a reason we need this catalysis in the first place. Find it and kill it.

To contemplate death is to contemplate life. It is the moment when you take your energy back and decide how you want to live. Death gives life meaning, don’t be afraid to embrace it.